XSPF your music


nokia n seriesMobileplaya writes, “Playlists are the new currency for music exchange. They make it easy to discover, share, and recommend new tunes.” Especially on the mobile platforms. “Enter XSPF (sounds like: SPIFF), which stands for XML Shareable Playlist Format. XSPF will make it possible for Napster, Yahoo, and Real users to share playlists with one another.”

What this essentially means is that services like MusicMobs which recommend songs to match your tastes are going be even more finetuned. I think this would also lead to the discovery of even more niche artists, folks who previously would have gone unnoticed.

Fred Wilson, is rightfully going gaga over it. While he ignores the iTunes, given that iTunes can spit out XML, iTunes users can join the play list party. As MobilePlaya points out, “Sharing playlists via Bluetooth, or over the wide area network—with links to the actual music—will be a boon for any music service. It’s just another facet of the discovery process, but arguably the most trusted.” Just in time for those expensive music phones which have started to hit the shelves.

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