Truphone, is really NotTruPhone


I was pretty excited to hear about Truphone, a Symbian application that would allow you to make VoIP phone calls using Bluetooth. It makes a lot of sense, and when Engadget hit me with this news, it was like…. finally! This news has been all over the blogosphere this morning. I found, but not the software. Even though they say the beta is available, there is nowhere on their website you can download it. The story appeared in Techweb originally but even they did not check if the software was available for download, how it works, and if it was actually real. Sent the company an email, which promptly bounced back. Now I am getting suspicious!

PS: If you are a company, with limited resources and have managed to create buzz in the blog world, you have a limited time to cash in. Be prepared for it.



i really wann get this application called truphone,can any one please tell me where i can get it….drop an email to ma mail addressa..


(( truphone )) is now up and KICKING.

I have been using VoIP on my Nokia E60 with (( truphone )) for the last 75 days. I must say I am the happiest customer ever. I have made 65 hours of mobile VoIP calls using the (( truphone )) client to basically every country on the globe (mobile and landline). My average per minute charge with all the free stuff they are giving away (FREE are global landline calls) was 4.7 pence. WOW!!!! I used to be at 25 pence with my mobile network operator (due to the international and roaming stuff)! What a great saving…(I calculated it will come to $6000 per year). This stuff realy works once you manage to install it. VoIP on mobile when in WiFi range is just the best thing happening ever!!! and the guys at ((truphone)) have it done the right way

Bjorn Sundin

The sip stack is avaible to 6630 because it is a part of push to talk so it may not be that hard to write a sip client application.



not true – just needs to have low level code written for the 6600. I have also used the software discussed above on the 6630, and its very good, I can confirm it works extremely well. All we need now is a telco/SIP provider to buy it from SCN and then we can sign up for the service.

Om Malik

really… have you tried this one? i have a nokia 6630 and just wondering if this is going to work well. i would love to try this damn app.

Yuri Ammosov

No need to expect much. Phone hardware is the real limit. I examined exactly such an application about a year ago for Nokia 6600 – but unfortunately BT-accessible sound card only can be used in a Push-to-talk mode. It is not full duplex. :(

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