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@ Syndicate: Audio: Copyrights and the New World of Syndication

Earlier this week, I spoke at a panel at Syndicate Conference, about copyright and IP issues in the syndicated/RSS world…

Along with me were Edward Rosenthal, Partner at the law firm of Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz; Neeru Paharia, Executive Director, Creative Commons; with Gigi Sohn, President, Public Knowledge as the moderator.

The discussion was wide ranging, and slightly forward-looking. The copyright issues in RSS/podcasting world are just being fleshed out and I haven’t heard of any legal case yet, though there have been some brouhahas over the last year or so.

On the panel, I raise a lot of points, ranging from the copyright issues with newsreaders/aggregators, to the issues involved with conference blogging (audio from it, like this one), to podcasts and the copyright issues there. Ed talked about the role of fair use in all this, among other things. Neeru talked about how Creative Commons can help in all this, especially smaller publishers..

() A wide ranging discussion…Download the full audio of the panel here (6 MB MP3)…