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Nokia 6620 and The White Screen of Death

Just when you thought it could not be done, well I have proved myself wrong. I crashed and trashed Symbian-based Nokia 6620 smart phone. I see a white screen of death. Here is what happened – I popped out the MMC card, put it into a PC, opened and closed the folders on the card on a PC. Popped it back in, and next thing I know… its gone. The phone won’t boot-up. Okay so no more blue-screen-of-death jokes. But seriously I am saddened by the loss of my favorite phone. I will now wait for 6682 Nokia.

8 Responses to “Nokia 6620 and The White Screen of Death”

  1. Since couple of months I’m getting The white screen of death of my Nokia 6620. It gets frozen all the time, even when I make a call.
    It sound stupid, but I realized that if I put my Nokia to the fridge, it works well for another 1-2 days. And then – again, it dies…

  2. David Locklear

    I would like to tell you a story about my Nokia 6620.

    I went to visit my elderly grandmother to present to her
    her newest grand-daughter, my 6 month old daughter.
    My wife’s digital camera didn’t have fresh batteries. Then
    I remembered my phone had a camera. I took several
    pictures, one of which was pretty good.

    Then suddenly 2 weeks later my grandmother passed away.
    If I had not had my Nokia 6620, I would have never had
    a photo of my daughter with my grandmother.

  3. raymond

    Pls can any one give me the guys address in Texas who does firmware updates. I will be in Houston for the month of June and will like to upgrade my 6620.

  4. foreignkid

    I have killed two Nokia 3650s in the past month accidentally before discovering the problem. I would also appreciate contact information for anyone that could fix my firmware. I ahve been unsuccessful in finding anyone in the Albuquerque area who can hel me for less than $130 a phone.

    nokia (at)

  5. 12013134

    i need to upgrade the firmware in my 6620. do you have contact information for the guy in texas? how much does he charge?

  6. ramesh

    it is going to be difficult to upgrade anything because the phone is dead right. it doesn’t make sense. i am sending it back to the guys at nokia. if they can fix it, well we shall see. thanks for helping out

  7. The earlier firmware versions for the 6620 had lots of problems with mmc cards. I was seeing the white screen of death several times a day until I upgraded the firmware to 4.23.2. I tried sending the phone to Nokia under the warranty but it came back with the 3.x firmware that still had the mmc card bug. Finally, I tracked down a guy in Texas that does firmware updgrades and actually gives you the latest version, unlike Nokia.