jkOnTheRun is a year old- thanks to the readers


Jk_icon_100pix_2I have been so busy lately that a milestone passed without my saying anything about it.  jkOnTheRun passed the one year mark on May 10 and I totally overlooked it!  I have a lot of fun maintaining this blog and sharing my experiences and POVs about mobile technology.  I would still do it if there weren’t many readers but thanks to you the site has grown astronomically since last year when I started jkOnTheRun.  This first year has seen the number of readers grow very rapidly, the site has been Slashdotted twice, whole articles have been put into the RSS feeds, and the number of comments on the site is approaching 3,000!

Jklogo_1I would like to thank you for a very fulfilling year and for coming back day after day to visit the site and sharing your comments with me and the other readers.  I thank you for downloading and listening to the two podcasts (techADDICTION and The Tablet PC Show) and for expressing an interest in hearing what I have to say.  I know that the next year will be even bigger than the first and I am enjoying every single minute of it.  I realize there are no shortage of sites in the Internet that you can choose to frequent and am grateful you choose to visit jkOTR.  Thanks, everybody!



Amazing! You do this like you’ve been blogging at least two or three months longer than that! Just shows that the learning curve for some people is smoother than for others.

But seriously, congrats on a wonderful year, and many, many more!


Congratulations on your birthday. I visit this site several times a day and am always amazed at the number and variety of interesting articles (and I don’t even own a tablet). Keep it up….GREAT job !!


Congrats and Happy Birthday!

Keep those vendors honest.


Happy Birthday Sweetie! Do we get to go out to dinner to celebrate? Isn’t it ironic that SuZan and I started our blog almost exactly on the 1 year anniversary of your blog? Love you!

Colin Walker

Many happy returns :)

Always an entertaining and informative read/listen so keep up the good work.

Here’s to the next year.

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