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Google Map Hacks No More

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Google executives are on stage talking about how they want to work with developers and help extend Google Maps. Instead of unofficial hacks, they want to make it more formal, so the developers can monetize their efforts. There seems to be a lot of effort behind Google Maps. This was in response to a question posed by someone in the audience. In case you were wondering, Jeff Jarvis has some interesting links.

4 Responses to “Google Map Hacks No More”

  1. yeah, i really hope they’ve changed their position on that one.

    back in February at SES NYC, i asked a similar question to a Google panelist (i think it was Marissa Mayer, can’t quite remember) about using GMaps as a developer platform, and at the time the answer was ‘we don’t have any immediate plans for that yet’. a bit disappointing and short-sighted, especially given Paul Rademacher’s recent work and the rather obvious potential there.

    if Google isn’t thinking front & center about their developer strategy for something as natural as GMaps, it’s definitely a huge oversight. Chris DiBona needs to go talk to those folks and tell them about this interesting little concept called Open Source… ;)

    the only reason they’ve got the luxury of moving slowly is Yahoo’s glacial development of Y!Maps and their complete inattention in this area for the past 5 years.

    the fact that these 2 supposed platform companies aren’t thinking harder about developers is somewhat disturbing.

    Web 2.0 fer shur…