Flickr, a YahooCo Paid For By Google


Flickr is making money off Google AdSense even though it is a Yahoo company. There are Adsense text ads appearing on your photo albums etc. Is this coopetition they always talk about? Making your enemy pay your bills – priceless!


Om Malik

well, i don’t have a pro account, so perhaps that is why. i think it is still ironic that is the case, even though Yahoo has its own overture service which does precisely that.


No google adsense ads on pro accounts that I can see. I’ve got none on mine.

And, given the amount of traffic flickr has and how generous they are with free accounts, I don’t have a problem with them putting text ads on free accounts. If they put them on my pro account that I paid for, then we’ll have a problem.


Actually, I think the Google ads only show up on non-pro accounts.

I don’t see any on my photo pages.

Roy Schestowitz

I second that. Google possibly make a larger profit than that of Flickr (Yahoo). Yahoo supports Google financially. Now isn’t that adorable?


Excuse me? They are giving market share for Google with that. How can you flip this and say that Flickr/Yahoo are the ones somehow making a profit on top of Google?

Google takes a good share of that ad revenue…

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