Celebrating Women- a new blog is born


My beautiful wife Sheri and her friend SuZan have launched a new blog for women (although they tell me they will let men visit, too) called Celebrating Women…for the Real World.  Their blog is aimed at women looking for information (or commiseration) on dealing with situations that working women commonly face, such as juggling a career and family, latch key kids, and other such topics.  They have done a good job setting this up and I am very proud of the work they have done so I am happy to send them a little Google juice.  They will soon have their very own podcast to discuss similar issues.  Stop by and say hi!




As long as you have a loose definition of wisdom then we’re OK. :)


Thanks for your support James. We couldn’t have gotten started without your wisdom. BTW, boy do we have a million questions!


Thank you honey. All of our inspiration came from you! I just want to point out, this blog is designed for ALL women, not just working women. After all, all mothers are working women, whether they choose to work outside the home or not.

Love you.

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