A hamburger today


Ummmmm_burgersTotally off-topic but one of my very favorite foods is the lowly hamburger.  I could live on just hamburgers if left to my own devices.  I just found a blog all about the culinary delight, A Hamburger Today, and I will be visiting often.  Lots of information about, well, hamburgers and the best places to get them.  My favorite place for a good hamburger (big chain)- Red Robin.



JK finally took me to Red Robin today and I was quite impressed. I grew up the daughter of a restaurant owner so its not easy to impress me. I tried the bonzai burger based on what I read here. It was great! I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for lunch honey! BTW, JK wasn’t lying when he said that he would live on hambugers if it was up to him. When we were dating, I had to bring my own pot to cook him dinner! All the area fast food places knew him and his order by heart.


Not sure why you say this is off topic. Hamburgers are the portable food of America, and rapidly becoming the portable food of the world. Unlike the portable computer, which started at 30 pounds and is working its way down, the hamburger started at a few ounces and is working its way up to 30 pounds. Tuck in, and bon appetit.

Steve New

Between your burgers and Eric Mack’s Strawberries I’m gaining weight just browsing the net.


Those jumbo burgers Red Robin do with the fried egg and everything are amazing. I would perfer to live off of sandwiches though. Especially Subway ones. Let me know if you find a sandwich blog, or would that be a ‘blogwich’??


Did you see Super Size Me?


Stay away from the fries and vats of soda and you should be good.

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