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VirtualRadio For Mobiles

VirtualRadioNinj has launched VirtualRadio, a software program for streaming online radio stations to your handset. The stations come over your operators mobile network, which has the benefit that you don’t have to be within broadcasting range of the station to receive it but does mean that the quality of the station is dependent on the quality of your mobile internet connection, as well as requiring that you have an unlimited data plan or you’ll end up paying through the nose for the service. The program costs $7.80 from Handango.
“Almost every day we are adding new stations to our program and the echo from international radio stations and mobile phone operators is quite astonishing”, says Juerg Ingold, Head of marketing at NINJ. “Radio is an important step towards making the multimedia mobile service dream a reality and turning the mobile phone into a multi functioning device receiving and sending high data. Radio stations are able to tap into a new and worldwide public and network operators have an excellent point in selling their new 3G-services to their subscribers.”
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