techADDICTION Show #9 is finally here!


The techADDICTION Show #009- 18th May 2005 (53min 48sec)
MP3 – 18.5MB

Techaddiction_album_cover_2It’s been too long since the last show so Kevin and I decided to make it up to our loyal listeners with a bang-up great show! Windows Mobile 5.0 extravanganza followed by a special guest, Paul Manoogian of One Egg Ticket. Paul is the creative genius behind all the great theme music for techADDICTION and The Tablet PC Show and we had a fun chat with him about the band, the music and even switching from the Palm to Windows Mobile. Lots of good Skype calls round out the show with one of the messages coming from none other than Tracy Hooten of The Student Tablet PC blog. Hope you enjoy it and let’s get on with the show!

00:00 Intro- Kevin Tofel and James Kendrick (theme music by One Egg Ticket)

Long time no hear
Goodbye Sony hello HP

02:04 Windows Mobile 5.0 arrives

Kevin’s not happy with WM5?
Microsoft Keynote demonstrations
Better DRM?
Will smartphones pass the iPod?
Office Mobile is nice
PowerPoint is back- remember the HPC version?
ActiveSync 4.0 – no WiFi syncing anymore

23:06 Special guest Paul Manoogian- One Egg Ticket

Working with Alex Bach
Paul’s band is thick
Why the heck One Egg Ticket?
Paul’s podcast- The Drive By
Paul needs a Tablet PC
Up on the roof
Paul’s blog
Converting from Palm to Windows Mobile- Paul needs StyleTap
Paul makes a verbal contract to guest review StyleTap for techADDICTION

42:55 Skype calls

Michael from W. Va. SkypeHeadset update
Tracy from The Student Tablet PC blog! She needs a web cam.
Logitech Notebook Cam
Vic from Australia
We heart The Podcast Network

52:20 Wrap up



Thanks, I was using this one ’cause I was hoping it would allow me to get 3 blogs/podscasts in one place as opposed to checking 3 seperate feeds.
I’ll go do that then.
Keep up the good work!


mjg, the feed for this site is not the podcast feed, which is hosted by The Podcast Network. You can subscribe to the podcast feed through the appropriate button in the sidebar.


Using FeederReader on my PocketPC, I’m having a hard time “seeing” your podcast attachments. I see the link in the show notes to it, but the system continues to insist there is no Enclosure.
I’ve tried your feedburner link and your index.rdf to no avail. The Blog parses properly but not the enclosure tags.
Any clue why this is?

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