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@ Syndicate: Audio: RSS & Advertising – An Expanding Impact

At the Syndicate Conference yesterday, a session around the topic everyone is thinking about: advertising in RSS feeds. The panel consisted of John Cate, VP Group Media Director, Carat Interactive; Shuman Ghosemajumder, Business Product Manager for AdSense, Google; Lincoln Millstein, Senior VP and Director of Digital Media, Hearst Newspapers; and Dick Costolo, Co-Founder & CEO, Feedburner (in the pic on the right).

This quote from Lincoln will get you interested: “The big money is being made by aggregators, so who wants to be one of 1,000 publishers? That’s just nickels and cents…we want to play the role of the aggregator.

The confusion in the panel is reflective of the confusion in the space: how do you push advertising down the RSS pipe? What works and what doesn’t? What are Google’s plans? What about ads in headline feeds versus ads in full-text feeds? Etc…

() A wide ranging discussion…Download the full audio of the panel here