Spotlight Comments Widget


If you follow the 43Folders websites (Site, Google Group, Wiki) you’re no doubt familiar with Getting Things Done (GTD). I’ve not read the book myself (but Josh is!) but know that a system of tagging to-do items with a @ prefix is one of the cornerstones. Take that tagging system (for instance, give your resume.doc a Spotlight Comment of @resume) to your Spotlight Comments and use this handy Dashboard widget to keep track of those tags!

It will only return Spotlight Comments that have a @ prefix, so it won’t work on all your Comments. But it does give a nice little list of all @tags on your system, and the count for each one. Now I’d be interested in finding a way to grab ANY Spotlight Comments that I’ve added, regardless of their prefix. Any ideas?



I haven’t looked at the source but it is probably possible to modify the widget to list all tags and not just @ tags.

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