Slow 3G hits Qualcomm


The slow rollout of 3G services is keeping Qualcomm from growing at a scorching pace, confessed Qualcomm CEO Irwin Jacobs, told reporters in Seoul. “Last year we saw very strong growth… and this year it will be little slower than that,” he said. San Diego giant had cut its 2005 revenue targets to a range of $5.5 billion to $5.7 billion last month.Gartner group has forecasted that mobile phone sales would grow only 7 percent this year, this after 30% growth last year. I am thinking if this is a problem for Qualcomm, then other 3G chip makers are also going to be having a tough time.


Jesse Kopelman

This is why licensed wireless is doomed. It is not compatible with Moore’s Law.

Dr Abhishek Puri

With the current hoopla about 3G in India, Qualcomm would have it’s hands full rolling out networks for Reliance India. It is a matter of time before the current impasse over spectrum imbroglio settles down and it’s back to business.

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