Road to WWDC: No exhibition hall booths?


I just got off the phone with a vendor who’s been chasing me ever since WWDC 2004 to use their product. (I haven’t found the time to evaluate it, honest) and in the course of the conversation, I asked if I’d be seeing them at WWDC like I had last year. The answer I got back was surprising. No, I wouldn’t be because there weren’t going to be exhibition hall booths this year. The way she said it sounded like there weren’t going to be any, period, as opposed to this particular vendor skipping the show.

Anybody have any additional information on this? I’m more than a little shocked to hear that there aren’t going to be any vendor booths this year, and would like to get independent confirmation on that. Let me know in the comments.


Rich Trouton

That’s why I didn’t name the vendor. :-) Also, I didn’t ask them for permission to use their name in the posting.


what vendor was it? It seems somewhat cruel to mention a vendor pesterig you to review their product if you still haven’t reviewed it yet :)

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