Microsoft Reader activation woes – again


Remember this rant I made when I got a new computer and couldn’t activate Microsoft Reader due to my "quota exceeded"?  Well, as you know I recently got a new Tablet PC. So what happened tonight?


Here we go again (and every time I get a new computer in the future).   I hate the MS Reader DRM.

UPDATE:  After visiting the activation web page several times over the next couple of weeks with the same results I checked back again last night and the activation worked.  So the system is still seriously broken even though I had the pleasure to discuss this problem early this year with the MS Product Manager responsible for this web system.  During this new sequence of events I received no notification from anyone at Microsoft that informed me the activation would work the next time I visited.  If I hadn’t perservered and kept going back on my own I could easily have assumed I could never use the program again and dropped it.  Pretty sad.




while it may seem to be the easiest, it’s a system that wont find much use in say Europe. Most teenagers don’t have CreditCards here and the use of CCs amongst adults is also not that common.

Tom McMahon

I think the method of having you enter your credit card number makes the most sense of any DRM system I’ve seen. MS Reader is horrid.

Brad Isaac

I wish there was an easy way to “unactivate” an old computer or something…the way realplayer lets you do it.

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