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It’s All About The Feed

Coverage of Syndicate continues even though Rafat had to switch conferences today. He’ll be posting some more, including audio of the panel he was on, but he’s at Streaming Media East now. Meanwhile, lots of good stuff out there. I’ll update this post as warranted.

— Tom Foremski, SiliconValleyWatcher: A good overview of the “RSS and Advertising” session. Lincoln Millstein, SVP and Director of Digital Media, Hearst Newspapers, sent a warning shot across Google’s bow: “The big money is being made by the aggregators, but who wants to be one of 1,000 publishers? That’s just nickels and cents. We want to play the role of the aggregator.”

— A roundup from JD Lasica, with some details on Yahoo Media RSS. Bradley Horowitz, director of media search, Yahoo: “At Yahoo, we think people will consume media from both the head and the [long] tail. It’s about My Media.” Lasica’s new endeavor, Our Media, just announced it will support Media RSS.
David Sifry, CEO, Technorati: “People mistakenly think their RSS readership is huge. You need to divide that number by about 10 because the RSS companies poll your RSS feed about once an hour on average,” and there’s no guarantee the content is even being read — just delivered.
Syndicate blog: MSN’s Phil Holden demoed new MSN social media tools — a new Screen Saver that serves up user-determined RSS feeds; soon-to-be-released “Adapted Alerts” which, working with MessageCast, will alert when blogs update. “MSN is investing ‘ubiquitously’ in these technologies, and sees the need to both understand the various consumer needs in this space, and build new products accordingly.”