EverNote Corp. announces release of ritePen 2.5 handwriting recognition software


Improved recognition and advanced pen functionality attracts growing OEM customer list

Sunnyvale, CA – May 18, 2005 – EverNote Corporation today announced the immediate commercial availability of ritePen 2.5 advanced handwriting recognition software that improves the core UI functionality and handwriting recognition on Windows-based pen computers. Since its initial debut, ritePen has quickly become the handwriting recognition software of choice for the OEM pen computing community.

"EverNote Corp.’s strength in pen computing, combined with Motion’s popular slate design lets us offer the best ultra-mobile thin client computer to the vertical markets we serve," said Peter Hunt, Motion Computing’s vice president of value-added peripherals. "Because of the significant improvements in the post-recognition editing of ritePen 2.5, the customer’s experience is greatly enhanced. These improvements help end users edit documents accurately and quickly without a keyboard."

With ritePen, users can intelligently navigate the desktop and write on the full screen in smooth electronic ink – and their handwriting is automatically converted into text and entered into any Windows application. Built on EverNote’s advanced handwriting recognition engine, ritePen recognizes unrestricted and continuous writing.

ritePen includes natural editing gestures, provides a list of alternative answers, as well as allows the addition of custom user vocabulary to further improve recognition accuracy of special terms and abbreviations.

"ritePen has become the de facto standard for many of our OEM customers, who have been seeking seamless text input and greater productivity for their pen-based device users," said Leonid Kitainik, executive vice president for EverNote Corp. "This ritePen release is a significant development milestone, further improving handwriting recognition, language coverage and advancing natural pen interface for our mobile computing users."

New features:

* Improved handwriting recognition: Provides highly accurate and unrestricted recognition, based on EverNote’s advanced handwriting recognition technology.

* Improved multi-language support: Includes new method of switching languages and intelligently understands system language. Now available for Russian.

* New correction UI: Improved WordMenu pop-up window now integrated for faster word correction, with added functionality such as auto show, auto change and auto expand.

* New floating toolbar: Toolbar is now more transparent when working with target text applications and features lighter design, occupying less screen space.

* Improved ink collection: When used on a Tablet PC, ritePen provides improved ink collection using the device’s native ink.

* New gestures: Now supports cut, copy, paste, correction undo and capitalization editing gestures.

* EverNote 1.0 support: Seamlessly integrates with EverNote 1.0, providing intelligent desktop navigation and recognition support when running ritePen 2.5 with EverNote software.

Pricing, Availability

ritePen advanced handwriting recognition software is available for Windows 98/2000/XP/XP Tablet PC Edition. ritePen can be purchased online from EverNote’s software store at www.evernote.com. The base list price for ritePen is $29.95. Available for recognition of English, German, French and Russian languages.

ritePen is available for a one month free evaluation and for commercial licensing.

ritePen is currently shipping with: Motion Computing’s tablet client; the Hitachi VisionPlate tablet; Sony’s Vaio U Ultra Personal PC; the Dialogue FlyBook Ultra-Personal Computer (UPC); Luidia eBeam Interactive System and MCC’s Modular Computing Core product.

About EverNote Corporation

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, EverNote Corporation is a provider of note management, digital ink and handwriting recognition software and technologies for the PC, mobile and wireless markets. Please visit www.evernote.com for more information.



According to EverNote the store link problem has now been fixed and existing ritePen customers should soon receive an email with instructions to obtain the upgraded version.

Steve New

I have the same problem at Handango. Also, I can’t find anything on the Evernote website about an upgrade policy.

If you want to try 2.5 the correct file can be downloaded directly from the Evernote website, but it loads as a trial version, even when loaded over a liscensed copy of v2.1 and the install program claims it’s upgrading the version on the hard drive.


Looks like the demo (trial) download on their site is still for v2.0.22

I bought ritePen about a week ago (after a long struggle of not wantting to spend money, then I caved). When I go to Handango to get the latest version their download page says:
” ‘ritePen for Windows v.2.5.56’
The download of ‘ritePen for Windows v.2.5.56’ will begin automatically.

If it doesn’t, click here.”

..but when I actually download it the filename is still ritepensetup.v.2.0.22.psa.exe

Trying to install it shows it is still 2.0.22 (not a misnamed exe of 2.5) =/


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