Delivering Next-Generation Mobile Content

IST Results has put out a story about the MAESTRO project which aims to harness “satellite technology together with existing 3G UMTS networks to deliver interactive digital multimedia services to mobile users”. It plans to do this using Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (S-DMB) technology to “implement a broadcast/multicast layer complementary to the existing 3G mobile networks”…those who are keeping up with this market will recognise the technology as that employed in the recent launch of broadcast mobile TV in Korea, although apparently that is “based on different technology and a different frequency band”.
This appears to be in direct competition with DVB-H, the technology promoted by a consortium of industry giants, and Qualcomm’s MediaFLO.
“Basically S-DMB is able to deliver up to 27 mobile TV channels per umbrella cell for a monthly subscription fee in the range of 10 euros,” said Nicolas Chuberre, MAESTRO’s project manager. “The service will be available anywhere in Europe and the cost impact on 3G handsets is expected to be much less than 5 euros in volume.”
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