Call For A Consumer DRM Bill Of Rights


The rollout of more attractive media services limited to specific DRMs, devices, etc. could be spuring more demand for consumer rights when it comes to DRM. Why shouldn’t I be able to move music between each of my portable/mobile devices? Why should I have to buy a new MP3 player instead of being able to use my Toshiba PDA if I want to listen to the music I pay for from Yahoo, Real or Napster? Why can’t I have more time to watch a downloaded movie before it disappears?
ehomeUpgrade offers a work-in-progress list relying on a blend of DRM with open licensing including
— Ability to re-download content I’ve previously purchased online in the event of a hard drive failure or natural disaster
— Ability to view Video On-Demand movies (referring to MovieLink and CinemaNow) multiple times in a 7 day window before they expire and allow any PC (again, platform independent) on the home network access to it for viewing
— Playback on any popular OS platform, third party network media adapter or handheld device (PVP, Music Player, Cellphone, etc.)

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