Broadband Video comes to Bronx

Jennie Bourne of Future of TV reports that UrbanDSL, a Bronx based broadband provider is already delivering video over fiber to the basement/VDSL in Bronx in New York City. Verizon is yet to rollout its service. These folks have been reselling Vonage under the original deal many couldn’t understand three years ago. “They’ve even secured a municipal franchise, something the Bells, among the world’s best lobbyists, say can’t be done,” says Bourne. UrbanDSL is using gear from Next Level, Tut, and others, but there is no information on how many people have signed on. There are plans to roll out WiFi VoIP service as well. “A subway ride away from Verizon headquarters, Urban is proving IPTV can be done. Of course running five million Verizon lines is a different challenge than 5,000, but Verizon can no longer say serving the Bronx is impossible.,” says Bourne.


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