When activation systems go bad

I use Quickbooks Pro 2003 from Intuit to provide my business accounting needs and it has served me well for a few years.  There are newer versions of the software available but Quickbooks is pretty pricey and the version I have works perfectly for me so I have not felt a need to update it.  Intuit uses an activation scheme for QB that has left me totally without accounting software and no apparent way around the roadblock.

Readers know that I recently changed computers and picked up an HP tc1100 which has become my main computer.  I installed QB on the HP and did all the live updating and it works just as it should, rather it worked fine.  I can’t use it now at all.  Since my copy of Quickbooks had already been activated several years ago I immediately went through the QB online activation process which stalled right away.  They ask you to enter the first and last name of the person that did the original registration, a horrible practice for business software since employees change, and according to QB my name doesn’t match the one in their database.  I remember when I originally activated the product via the telephone that the QB rep misspelled both my name and my company name in their database, and for the life of me I can’t remember exactly how they misspelled it.

The activation process stalls at this point but they provide an 800 number to activate and register it over the phone so all should be OK.  Unfortunately, all menu options on their phone system directs me back to the web page where I enter my name that they can’t match in the database.  Endless circle.  When I break out of the phone menu system by requesting to speak to an actual person, their phone system says OK and dials a number.  That is answered after a bit with a message that says due to system upgrades no phone activations are possible and directing me back to the same web page that doesn’t work.

At this point I cannot use my accounting software and am really stuck.  This is a travesty considering the fact that QB is business accounting software and moving/ installing it on new computers is something that happens all the time in office settings.  There is no one I can talk to, nowhere I can go for manual activation, nothing that I can see I can do at this point.  Well, except switch to another product.

Update: Intuit apparently checks Technorati where this article appears and a representative has contacted me to help me get the activation problem resolved. I’ll update again when this happens.


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