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@ Syndicate: Audio: Martin Nisenholtz’s Keynote

neisenholtz2.jpgMartin Nisenholtz, the head of NY Times corporate digital, is speaking at the Syndicate Conference right now. He ditched his prepared speech, and took audience questions. (The audio link to his speech is at the end of this post.) Some of the points he made:

— On monetizing RSS feeds: we’re trying: we have an experiment going in Boston.

— Current revenues from archives: we don’t break it out, but it is in excess of $1 million.

— TimesSelect is what it will be for some time to come…we will not have any further tiers anytime soon.

— It is weird that WSJ is not visible in Google…they will have to accomodate themselves.

Why can’t affiliate programs be part of the information economy?’s affiliate program is hugely effective…and there’s no reason why they can’t be part of the information sector.

— About 30 percent of the top 15 MyYahoo feeds come from the NYTimes

— We have gone from half a milllion pageviews in late 2003 to seven million last month through RSS. It is about 1-2 percent of the whole traffic but the fastest growing mechanism…

— The percentage of people coming through the homepage will decrease from current 85 percent to say 60 percent down the line..

— How to mix personalization and serendipity…Technology lets you do that, but how do we filter it down to the editorial level? These are some of the challenges we have going ahead…

— The site has created about 10,000 topic pages…and these pages are made on the fly from all of the content that exists across our iceberg, and may also include feeds from outside. It will become a much more linear one, much like Wikipedia in some sense.

— Every problem cannot be solved by algorithms…we need humans on this [referring to the feeds and syndication world].

() Download the full audio of his speech here.

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