Lime Wire the next KaZaA?


Lime Wire, file sharing-file swapping service is now #37 on Lycos 50 charts, catching up with KaZaA (#11). What more, this is only the opening week for the file sharing software. via


Pete Nadaud

Does any body know of any mobile file sharing applictaions. I have a pocket PC 6700 and i am looking for an application like lime wire for a mobile device. If anybody has any ideas please let me know.
thanks -Pete

Tim A

Ya, Limewire has been around for years. I think it just now was added to the list.


Has the RIAA sued anyone for using Limewire yet? or has it mostly been Kazaa?

Om Malik

i think it means that they are getting up in popularity now, and giving kazaa a serious run for its money. i know for mac users lime wire was the only file sharing program for many years. it has had some traction!


FYI: Limewire has been in use for years. Atleast 5. I dunno if you mean it just came off beta or what, but I remember downloading music off it atleast 5 years ago.


LimeWire has been around for a while, I think it’s just the first week on that list. LimeWire operates on the Gnutella network.

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