Florida is getting FIOS


Never thought I would say this but I am missing Verizon. While my current incumbent is still making plans, folks in Verizon territories are beginning to start getting their FIOS connections. Earlier today someone from Maryland area told me that they were getting bombarded by Verizon FIOS flyers. Now Jon Gales says he will be getting 15 meg down/ 2 meg-up by end of the day for $50 a month. New Jersey’s Bergen County is already getting their fiber groove on. Oh man… I am still stuck at 3 mbps with Comcast.



30 mb is offered as well but compared to cable 5mb max vs 15mb for almost the same price, ill take the fios.

Jesse Kopelman

15 down / 2 up isn’t very impressive for a fiber connection. Verizon, I applaud your greed.

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