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Coca-Cola Launches Mobile Music Promotion

Coca Cola LogoCoca Cola UK has launched a promotion with the prize being mobile music — either ringtones or full-song downloads, and it might turn a profit on the promotion. The promotion revolves around a deal with Shazam, a UK-based music recognition company, and gives all participants in the promotion a free CokeTag — which is just a Shazam tag with Coke branding. The CokeTag allows users to identify and purchase music through Cokes online music store MyCokeMusic or choose to set the song as their prize if they win the draw. Coke is giving away 5,000 tunes a day for two months (300,000 ringtones or music downloads) from 275 million promotional Coke products. The ingenious chance for profit comes by offering users the chance to buy more CokeTags after the promotional one, at 25p each while the promotion lasts and 50p after that…and of course people can buy the songs from the Coke site if they don’t want to wait to see if they win… “All ringtones and downloads purchased are being charged at