Cisco king of the WLANs

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Corporate Wireless LAN gear biz is in a bit of a slump, down six percent decline during the first quarter 2005, according to Dell Oro Group research. Total sales for the first quarter came in around $192 million with Cisco emerging as the largest player, Symbol being #2 and Airespace at the #3 spot. Aruba was #4 and Proxim was #5. Cisco+Airespace means that San Jose-based giant is now miles ahead of others. Proxim is flirting with disaster. Greg Collins, Senior Director of Wireless LAN research at Dell’Oro Group says that Cisco acqusition of Airespace caused a disrutpion in the market as “both Nortel and Alcatel transitioned their enterprise WLAN product offerings away from Airespace-based solutions to products based on offerings from Trapeze Networks and Aruba Networks.” #

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Jesse Kopelman

Buying Airespace was a very, very, smart move. Now, if they want to be brilliant, they should buy Tropos.

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