Tablet PC Show #8 is available


The Tablet PC Show #8 – 16 May 2005 (51 min)
MP3 – 18.2MB

The Tablet PC Show is back after a too long hiatus and Marc and I discuss the Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC powerhouse, the HP tc1100 workhorse and the Treo 650. OK, the Treo is not Tablet specific but Marc is using it to great advantage with his Tablet PC and he tells us what he thinks about the phone and the combo. We finish up the show talking about mobile connectivity options for Tablet owners including the lightning fast EVDO network from Verizon. Enjoy the show and we are waiting for your feedback.

00:00 Intro- James Kendrick and Marc Orchant (Exclusive intro music from One Egg Ticket)

02:45 Eric Mack update- Toshiba M4 has arrived!

Picture of Eric’s M4

08:20 JK’s new HP tc1100 hybrid Tablet PC (an audio overview)

Piel Frama tc1100 leather case
Q Menu rocks!
Usability design is first rate
Warm swappable batteries
HP video tour of the tc1100 is excellent
No hard disk indicator light- enter HDI
Superbeam dual array external microphone

27:20 Laptopdesk

30:25 Brief message from The Podcast Network

30:40 Marc’s new Treo 650

The Tyranny of Email- Ole Eichhorn
Kensington USB Bluetooth adapter

45:20 Tablet connectivity during mobile use

Bluetooth phone modem connections
Verizon’s EVDO network

48:55 Wrap up

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