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Some People Still Don’t Get RSS

Literally and figuratively. MarketingSherpa warns against (pay link after 5/23) using RSS as a substitute for email and AdRants warns against adopting MarketingSherpa’s take on RSS.
— MS: “RSS lacks hard numbers of almost any kind, making it impossible to base a business case for relying on it as a publishing or marketing tool … at this time.”
— AdRants: “It’s very upsetting … to see MarketingSherpa get the concept, functionality and purpose of RSS all wrong.”
Lots of metrics and chat about the lack thereof tossed around as evidence but, as AdRants notes, the main thrust of the article is off kilter. To me, it’s almost naive in its descriptions of RSS. Handle with care. How did I get to the MarketingSherpa story? I followed an RSS link from B.L. Ochman to AdRants and then to the report.