Screen smudges


What’s everyone using for cleaning your Tablet screen?  I am getting very smudged and constantly cleaning the screen and am wondering if someone has a great cleaning solution to recommend .



Why not get SmudgeGuard to get rid of the smudges? I saw it on the Cool Tools link.


Another vote for the 3M microfiber cleaning cloth. Got it from a local CompUSA for around $10, and it is worth every penny.

Steven Hughes

I use Klear Screen from PPCTechs ( ), leaves no residue or streaks works great for all glass and plastic screens. I just got a new Lens Pen (with a triangle head to get into corners) which uses a carbon based cleaner kinda like using old newspapers and vinegar or lemon juice to clean your windows(newsprint leaves a dirt-resistant film behind so the glass remains cleaner longer). They had a new product at CES specifically made for laptops and their ilk called Laptop Pro, it also has a keyboard cleaner.

James you may want to look into adding a screen protector to your newly aquired Tablet. Granted they reducing the nice clean image on the TC1100 Sparkle glass, but also protect it from scratches. My TC1100 commandeered by my wife after a week (sniff) has a screen protector on it from Brad Strong called BStrong Screenprotectors-

They don’t go on as easily as the ones offered by PPC Techs or 3M, but work very well and are very cheap I bought 3 at $7.25 each. We just replaced one due to a bur on the end of my wife’s stylus tip that resulted in a nice scratch on the screen protector that would have resulted in a scratch on the glass. Well Worth it.

Remember practice safe computing…



My trick is not to put my face on the screen or touch it while I’m eating fries…

Hope this helps. ;)


The breathing on the screen trick works great. However I use a microfiber cleaning cloth. Made by 3M, cheap and takes off dust, oil and prints from your fingers and never leaves any residue. Also chemical free and wont damage the screen or keyboard.

Larry O'Brien

I use Fellowes’ Screen Cleaning Wipes. Like Matt, I’ve also heard Windex (I believe anything with ammonia) is a no-no on LCDs.


Use a 100% cotton handkerchief. Now try this before you laugh :) Breathe on a small spot of the display then rub dry with the cloth. (Don’t spit!!! Ew.) You’ll have a perfectly clean display. Best part is no chemicals added and not too much moisture so you don’t risk ruining the display.


I have always heard that normal Windex is bad for CRTs and LCDs. I use 50/50 rubbing alcohol and water. Thats probably close to what eyeglass cleaner as stoic suggested.


I highly suggest using Windex Wipes, they are pre-soaked cloth wipes that will clean everthing (including the keyboard, screen, mouse-thingie, and case) and do not leave much lint behind. That is what I use for my TC1000, and they work great. Also, they come in a fairly thin packet, so they fit in computer bags.

Warner Crocker


I’m using Dust Off’s Monitor Wipes that I purchase at Circuit City. Also seen them at Best Buy. They seem to do the trick.


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