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NewsGator Acquires FeedDemon — And Programming Whiz Nick Bradbury

Om Malik, Steve Rubel and Chris Pirillo report that RSS pioneer NewsGator Technologies Inc. is acquiring — or, as Rex Hammock calls it, acqhiring — Bradbury Software, including Windows desktop RSS reader Feed Demon and programmer Nick Bradbury. (Bradbury created Home Site, which he sold to Allaire; it’s now owned by Macromedia and will soon be part of Adobe.)
It makes a lot of sense: NewsGator offers email, web and outlook; Feed Demon is desktop-based and works with web-based Bloglines. Together, they can offer a complete package.
Pirillo has an interview with Bradbury and Newsgator CTO & Founder Greg Reinacker. To Dave Winer, who was deep in conversation with Bradbury at BlogNashville’s opening party, “it seems inevitable that they’ll buy a Mac news reader product, they would probably like to buy NetNewsWire, and it would be hard to imagine that Brent wouldn’t take a reasonable offer (I have no inside knowledge).” Winer predicts they won’t stop there, spinning out a scenario of acquisitions winding wup with an IPO or a mega buyout.
This should be the talk of Syndicate, when the conference kicks off in New York Tuesday morning.

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