MindManager for making show notes


I have been a fan of MindManager and mind mapping for some time but I have to admit I am just scratching the surface finding new uses for the great tool.  MindManager is so stimulating for the creative process and is even more so when used on a Tablet PC and letting the ink flow naturally.  I have written in the past about using OneNote for doing the preparatory work for the two podcasts I am involved with but with the integration of the HP tc1100 into my routine it seemed high time to give MindManager a try to prepare for the current Tablet PC Show.  Using MindManager made it so easy to collect my thoughts and organize the topics I wanted to mention on the show.  I thought you might be interested in seeing this mind map so here it is:



Al karel

Great show. I’m two weeks into the Toshiba R15 and ANYTHING tablet is what I love to hear. Everything about the TC1000 sounds great, but I’ve got to have movies in my lap, and the R15 is great with pretty darned good sound. Do you have an external DVD drive? R15 battery is great. All is fine, the WEIGHT IS AWFUL. One cool feature….the ConfigFree software that gives you a “radar screen” that shows Wifi or Bluetooth in the area. Unbelievable…I’ve tried driving around, and in some commercial/apartment areas, 20 or more little glowing balls float around on the screen.

Sorry to turn this into an R15 comment….THANKS for the wonderful JKOTR site and the podcasts which are wonderful.

Santa Monica CA

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