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Newsgator Buys FeedDemon

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Update: It is a done deal. More details here on Business 2.0 weblog, posted by me of course. Its a cash-and-stock deal, and Nick will joing Newsgator. The big question in my mind: will Newsgator finally buy a Mac desktop application and fill out the obvious hole in its product portfolio.

Nick gives his side of the story, but promises he is staying home, though will be making frequent visits to Denver, and will also attempt to improve his skiing skills. (Okay that one I just made up!)

More rumors from the RSS land. Looks like Newsgator is in talks to merge with Bradbury Software/FeedDemon. I don’t have many details except for a couple of my sources called and said… its happening soon. Does this mean Nick Bradbury is going to join Newsgator? I have dropped both Greg and Nick an email and trying to get the scoop. More later.

23 Responses to “Newsgator Buys FeedDemon”

  1. Newsgator’s focus on the enterprise market is key, with so many RSS readers out there at the consumer level, companies who get corporate lock-in for their readers and services will dominate.

    Newsgator need to assemble the right combination of products and technologies, while keeping their existing services on the cutting edge (eg feedtagger beta in ajax is very fast and built in a week)

    Then organic growth plus targeted M&A such as Feeddemon deal which is more about getting talent and some technology under the Newsgator roof.

    Great deal guys !