10.4.1 Now Available


For those of you who love the giddy feeling of a shiny new point release, the first update to Tiger is now available via your local Software Update. Apple’s Support page will give you the lowdown, which includes improvements relating to Mail 2.0 and the Address Book, Dashboard widgets, .Mac and syncing, Safari and various other applications.

I’ll try to remember to update this post later with news of a successful (or otherwise!) install. Post your horror stories in the comments below!

Update: Installed on both my iBook G3 800 and iMac G3 400 without any obvious problems, although I’m not sure if it feels any quicker yet. This is, of course, the first system update for Tiger and some of the changes Apple has made under the hood have now become apparent – the installation stage of any update is now really quick. Especially noticeable is the change in the time take to complete the traditionally lengthy “Optimising your computer” bit, which now, even on my venerable iMac, completes within a minute or two.



Why in the world would you assume “horror” stories and solicit them?
What a bunch malarky that is!

Josh Pigford

I’ve installed on my Dual 2Ghz G5 with no major issues as of yet. Something that I, and others, have noticed is that some Mail plugins are being disabled by the update and you must reinstall the plugins to get them running again.

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