The Tyranny of Email


I was recording the latest Tablet PC Show with Marc Orchant this morning and he jogged my memory about a great article (often quoted) – The Tyranny of Email. The article by Ole Eichhorn addresses the pitfalls of handling email that most people fall into that sidetracks them throughout those periods that would be better spent focussing on other tasks at hand.  This article is a must read for anyone trying to increase their productivity and worth a reread for those who have seen it before.   My favorite quote from Ole’s article:

Finally, remember that email is a public and permanent record.  Email is plain text and goes out over public networks, and is often stored on servers for a long time and may be backed up for a longer time.  It might feel "throwaway" at the time, but it will not be thrown away, as senior executives at Microsoft, Enron, Worldcom, and others have discovered.  If you have something to say which won’t bear the public light of day, it shouldn’t be said in email.  And if you are sending something confidential or sensitive, consider sending it as an encrypted and/or password-protected attachment.

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