Coffee Hacks


I have mentioned the 43 Folders wiki before and if you haven’t visited it already for great life hacks (and more) then you are missing a growing collection of tips that can make your life a little better.  Take the coffee hacks page for example.  Many excellent tips for getting the best flavor out of your brew at home using very simple techniques.  One of my favorite coffee tips-

The hole in a roll of duct tape laid flat on the floor of your car makes a handy extra coffee cup holder.



Hmm, duct tape. That would have saved me time and money. Remember the unexplained coffee stain in the green convertible that you let me drive while you were in Canada? Love you ☻


Oh sure, that’s a good way to appeal to your largest market for podcasts. :)

Cameron Reilly

the only problem with the coffee hacks section though is you yanks wouldn’t know a good coffee if it bit you on the behind! Ugh. It’s like drinking week-old dishwater. :-)

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