Achieve-IT! giveaway for jkOnTheRun readers!


Brad Isaac believes in setting goals and then defining what is needed to achieve them.  He also believes in using a fun and easy tool that makes it a snap to define your objectives and the tasks you need to complete to meet your goals.  He wrote Achieve-IT! to allow others to use their Pocket PC to simplify and organize their lives and it is now up to version 2.xx.  It is a great program that all Pocket PC users should take a look at and see how easy (and fun) it is to map out what you want to accomplish in your life.  Brad is so excited about his version 2 that he is offering five free copies to jkOnTheRun readers.  All you have to do is add a comment to this post detailing how you think Achieve-IT! will benefit your life.  The five best comments will get a free copy of this great software, a $29.95 value!  I will ask Brad to help me decide whose comments are the five best so give it some thought and enter today!


Key Benefits

  • Brainstorm all of your goals and keep them in one handy logical location
  • Zero in by refining each goal
  • Discover Motivating factors that lead to your success
  • Discover pitfalls and hurdles before they occur
  • Intuitive prioritizing of goals and steps
  • Define the Steps that lead to the achievement of each goal
  • Use built in relaxation sounds to enhance concentration during goal setting
  • Keep Motivated with Achieve-IT’s Quote of the Day
  • Export the steps to each goal to your task list or calendar
  • Set Dates and Deadlines for your Goals and then export them to Pocket Outlook
  • Compatible with other popular Calendar software such as Pocket Informant & Agenda Fusion
  • Export your goals to Pocket Word
  • Step-by-step help & instructions
  • View a Goal Plan-of-Action snapshot

    Brenda P.

    I’m afraid I don’t have a lofty or life time goal. But I have SOOOOO MANNNNYYYY running around in my head. I am exploring David Allen’s Getting Things Done books and so much of it makes sense. That, as long as things are in my head, they are pulling on my attention, my psyche. I need to get everything out of my head into a system I trust (or else I won’t trust it and will worry about the system as well) so that I can start moving forward on each goal. I believe your software would be invaluable to me. I often have ideas or think of things when I can’t act on them. My Pocket PC has helped a lot with this. I see most of the comments have been from back in May. Maybe I am too late to be considered for the give-away? Well, thanks for listening anyway! :)


    My boss and I were just talking about a problem I have last night…the challenge of taking an idea and moving it to “actionable” steps. I could really use some help in moving great ideas to accomplishment. I’ve got a big project coming up that I could use this for. Also, I could use this to accomplish a personal goal of losing weight. Thanks!

    Harley R

    Achieve-IT! will benefit my life by planning out achievable milestones in the goal fulfillment process. As Brad Isaac’s webpage said, “A Goal without a deadline is merely a pipedream.” Most of my goals do not get fulfilled for one important reason–no specific steps have been laid out to help achieve the goal.
    My goals tend to be diverse and plentiful, which means Achieve-IT! will help me organize all of them and keep them in one manageable place. The fact that Achieve-IT! helps me set dates and deadlines then helps me export them to Pocket Informant (Pocket Outlook), will help me complete each step of the process by reminding me on the specific date to complete the necessary step of the goal. Achieve-IT! will really help me accomplish more goals simultaneously, since it automatically incorporates the required steps into my daily schedule with the press of a button.
    For me Achieve-IT! converts goal information overload into achievable steps.
    The following are but a *few* of the goals on my list:
    – Personal goals include: ordination to ministry, Certified Christian Conciliatorâ„¢ (CCC), Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, PhD in Leadership, regular exercise with my wife
    – Financial goals include: becoming debt free (after taking two masters!)
    – Family goals include: continuing a happy marriage with the addition of one or two children,
    – Spiritual goals include: having a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ

    Dave A

    I have a major goal for myself, my wife and my two children aged 10 and 12.
    To emigrate from the UK to Canada (British Columbia)for a better quality of life and surroundings especially for my children.
    The processes involved are huge and plentiful and to be able to clear off each step as we hit the deadlines whilst going through these processes would make it feel that it was actually happening rather than waiting and we would be getting closer to reaching our ultimate goal.
    Just imagine how proud I would be to get my family out there and it could be all managed and monitored via my pocket pc, (Awesome!).

    Yolanda Villa

    Hey, I vote for Andy–what a great goal! :-)

    Mine’s not nearly so lofty. I am, however, on the cusp of a major life change, and I think that’s the perfect time to try to overcome old habits of procrastination and disorganization. In four months I’ll be retiring from a twenty-five year career, and going back to school. I’ll be studying computer science and systems tech, and I can’t wait! I’m sure Achieve-IT ought to be a great help in organizing myself to meet the needs and demands of my new student life and schedule.

    Andy Lin

    I have a rather lofty and big-dreamed goal, which will probably take my entire lifetime to set up. I apologize beforehand for the long write-up. I’ll summarize it at the end, in case you don’t want to read.

    While the Internet has made it quite easy to find scholarships, I was surprised when I got to MIT that no one I knew had received a local scholarship. The Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation offers two types of scholarships, all funded by local sponsors: need- and merit-based. I applied and interviewed for the merit-based one, eventually securing $5000/year from a rather prolific landowner (Michael Towbes). I see him once or twice a year for lunch, and even though I’ve graduated he still would like to continue the regular meetings and see how his investment is coming along.

    The advantage of the SBSF scholarship is that it provides a personal touch to the act of funding. I send letters to and meet with a particular person, not some named foundation I will never have contact with. As such, it really is a wonderful way of building community ties and fostering a sense of giving back.

    So, I’d like to give back, but beyond simply donating money in the future. I would like to take this idea of local sponsorship and spread it around the country, and eventually around the world. The idea is to set up foundations with the same idea: provide need- and merit-based scholarships funded by local people, with an emphasis on personal contact and in some cases mentorship.

    The grandest level of this dream is to make this international. I imagine an umbrella organization that oversees and helps a giant network of local foundations. The advantage of this would be re-allocation; not every locale in the world will have enough sponsors for promising students, whereas some locales will have an overabundance of funds. So part of the umbrella organization’s task would be to match sponsors with underfunded communities, with the caveat that the sponsor continues to maintain the personal contact that he or she would if the scholarship recipient were local.

    I think that people ought to have the opportunity to expand their mind to the fullest, no matter where they are. Establishing an International Scholarship Foundation, which maintains a network of local foundations that offer need- and merit-based scholarships that provide funding and thus community bonding through local sponsors, would allow re-allocation of funding to communities around the world that have a dearth of resources. The overarching theme is personal contact: the sponsor must meet with the recipient on a regular basis, which helps create community bonds and will hopefully recycle giving back to the community.

    I’ve started by getting in contact with the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation, and have gotten some ideas from them. I’m not sure where to begin, but I’d like some help on this project. You can email if you’d like to lend a hand.


    I’ve got a couple of longer-term goals that I’m working on, on which I could use some help.

    One is one that many people try: to lose some weight. Specifically, I’m dieting and working out with the goal of losing about 50 pounds by the end of the year. I’m also doing at least two triathlons along the way…

    I’m also trying to write a book, a novel, specifically. I’ve got some basic ideas, but I still need to do a ton of research and planning and organizing if I’m ever going to get it going (let alone finished).

    Achieve it! could definitely help me organize and plan both endeavors.

    Joel Orr

    Features are necessary but not sufficient for any software to become widely adopted. You can probably name half-a-dozen or more feature-bloated programs that you tried, earnestly desiring them to fulfill their many promises – then abandoned after a short while.

    Why does this happen? I think there is something subtle about user interfaces and their ability to match our working styles and personalities that we simply haven’t understood yet.

    So while I have tried both Palm and PPC PIMs galore, in an honest effort to get things done (both with and without David Allen’s wonderful help), I still itch terribly for that “just-right” app, that will give me that exquisite balance of power and simplicity – that will be unobtrusive, yet indispensable.

    I know how to plan, how to always “write it down,” how to “put it where I can find it.” I need just a little more support in goals and tasks. I’m hoping Achieve-IT! will supply just that.

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