Achieve-IT! giveaway for jkOnTheRun readers!

Brad Isaac believes in setting goals and then defining what is needed to achieve them.  He also believes in using a fun and easy tool that makes it a snap to define your objectives and the tasks you need to complete to meet your goals.  He wrote Achieve-IT! to allow others to use their Pocket PC to simplify and organize their lives and it is now up to version 2.xx.  It is a great program that all Pocket PC users should take a look at and see how easy (and fun) it is to map out what you want to accomplish in your life.  Brad is so excited about his version 2 that he is offering five free copies to jkOnTheRun readers.  All you have to do is add a comment to this post detailing how you think Achieve-IT! will benefit your life.  The five best comments will get a free copy of this great software, a $29.95 value!  I will ask Brad to help me decide whose comments are the five best so give it some thought and enter today!


Key Benefits

  • Brainstorm all of your goals and keep them in one handy logical location
  • Zero in by refining each goal
  • Discover Motivating factors that lead to your success
  • Discover pitfalls and hurdles before they occur
  • Intuitive prioritizing of goals and steps
  • Define the Steps that lead to the achievement of each goal
  • Use built in relaxation sounds to enhance concentration during goal setting
  • Keep Motivated with Achieve-IT’s Quote of the Day
  • Export the steps to each goal to your task list or calendar
  • Set Dates and Deadlines for your Goals and then export them to Pocket Outlook
  • Compatible with other popular Calendar software such as Pocket Informant & Agenda Fusion
  • Export your goals to Pocket Word
  • Step-by-step help & instructions
  • View a Goal Plan-of-Action snapshot
  • You're subscribed! If you like, you can update your settings


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