Yahoo Messenger Update, Does Anyone Care?

Yahoo, apparently invited some bloggers to show off the next refresh of their Yahoo messenger software which apparently has better VoIP capabilities. Andy was there, I wasn’t but I can guess, that it will support SIP. Guaranteed that they will not support PSTN connections, lest they piss of their Bell-partners. Beyond that, no big deal. Andy suggests they might get big media interested – not this guy Andy. In a world where most of my friends have AIM, iChat, MSN – Yahoo Messenger doesn’t matter. In my world where Vonage and Skype represent voice-over-the-internet, it doesn’t even count. They are late – AOL and MSN have better and more relevant products. I wrote about this almost a year ago. They should have done something about a year ago, when Skype was a toddler. The peer-to-peer effect of Skype makes anyone else a bit of a non starter in pc2pc calls. Yahoo Music and Yahoo Messenger – desperately trying to keep that m-thing going?


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