Yahoo Messenger Update, Does Anyone Care?


Yahoo, apparently invited some bloggers to show off the next refresh of their Yahoo messenger software which apparently has better VoIP capabilities. Andy was there, I wasn’t but I can guess, that it will support SIP. Guaranteed that they will not support PSTN connections, lest they piss of their Bell-partners. Beyond that, no big deal. Andy suggests they might get big media interested – not this guy Andy. In a world where most of my friends have AIM, iChat, MSN – Yahoo Messenger doesn’t matter. In my world where Vonage and Skype represent voice-over-the-internet, it doesn’t even count. They are late – AOL and MSN have better and more relevant products. I wrote about this almost a year ago. They should have done something about a year ago, when Skype was a toddler. The peer-to-peer effect of Skype makes anyone else a bit of a non starter in pc2pc calls. Yahoo Music and Yahoo Messenger – desperately trying to keep that m-thing going?


Don George

why am I continually getting a message that there is a new version of Yahoo MEssenger, “click here to update” when I’m already on the newest release. I’ve installed this supposed update ten times in the last few days and every time I sign into Messenger I get the update message again. What a royal pain in the ass Messenger is.

thomas Bush

Yeah Yahoo update time. Just another Microsoft dominated thing. Maybe we should take ipods and iTunes away from Microsoft users and see how they like it?

L V Patel

I am using yahoo voice paid srvice, but it keeps tied up with pc for talking. Can any body suggest how can i get rid of it by using my N70 mobile. Thank you.

L V Patel


Am I the only person who hasn’t used Skype yet? I’ve used Vonage for VoIP calls in the past but in my day to day affairs my three modes of communications are cellphone, email, IM. As far as Yahoo IM or AIM or MSN Messenger I find them all to be the same in my eyes since I refuse to run the messengers direct programs and insteads use accounts on all the IM services using a program like Trillian on my PC or AdiumX on my Mac. I can still remember the days of Speak Freely on the PC side and how using the highest compression setting made just about anyone end up sounding like Stephen Hawkings voice synthesizer. To me, Skype sounds like its more complicated then say, VoIP calls through Vonage with an ATA? But since I haven’t tried it yet I am flying a bit blind here, mostly because I know of no one who is using Skype?

Om Malik

I agree… it is the same logic. sure once you get AIM, you end up using it forever because that’s what your network is all about in the end. most of your friends end up on that network, and you are unknowingly locked in. skype is benefiting from that, even though you have more open options.

Jesse Kopelman

Why use anything other than Skype? It’s IM functions are good.

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