Carriers Mum On Mobile Phone Television

Everyone is talking about TV on mobile phones, and hyping the hell out of their particular service in the hopes it will be the one which catches on. In a nutshell, here’s why: “Two of the most popular devices in the world are cell phones and television. Our feeling is it will be a very, very substantial marketplace.”
I can see that point of view, but the people involved in putting TV onto mobile handsets are being very quiet as to how many people are actually using the service and how much revenue its generating. “Neither the wireless carriers nor the media companies, which are bound by nondisclosure agreements, would say how many Americans watch TV on their phones. They also were tight-lipped about the amount of revenue such services were generating. Industry experts estimate that the number of mobile users who subscribe to a television service hovers in the hundreds of thousands…However, many analysts expect that number to grow dramatically in the next several years as the technology improves and video-enabled phones â