Who’s the LCD-TV daddy?

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LCD-TVs are hot. And while you would expect the usual suspects like Toshiba and Sony to be in the top three of these cutting edge products, the market reality is quite different. Topping the charts with the latest market share, according to iSuppli in Q4 2004 was Sharp with 21.1% market share, despite its premium pricing. Number two was Panasonic, with 7.95% of the market in North America. And a close #3 was Syntax, with 7.15% market share. I suspect Syntax’s good quality monitors bundled with affordable prices are doing the trick for the company. Still this is quite amazing, given that Syntax is relatively new to the US markets, and hasn’t spent millions on marketing. Can the company keep up its scorching pace, now that the LCD panel supply is beginning to tighten? The overall trends however are not good for incumbents like Sony, because their reliance on the tube-TV sales. That is a business expected to shrink. Of course the Plasma Display Market, still the pretty hot thing in the US, is a business dominated by Samsung and Sony are still major players.

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