VoIP is killing Deutsche Telekom

James Enck on why things are getting really ugly at Deutsche Telekom. He describes that things are “messy, confusing, and not terribly inspiring. Management were frank in admitting that DSL unbundlers are pressurizing the voice market, as I expected already. Sipgate’s 100k, plus maybe 300 – 400k on Freenet/United Internet VoIP products, plus another c.1.4m Skype accounts (and whatever number may be using DT’s own VoIP product). Whatever double-counting may be involved here, I think it’s safe to say that we’re probably looking at a market of at least 2m VoIP users, or nearly 1/3 of the broadband users in the country.”

That’s right folks perhaps it is time to take the North American VoIP blinkers off, and look worldwide about VoIP’s impact on traditional telecoms. I have in the past said that we are in a downward spiral and there is hardly a way out. Instead of US, the self-mutilation of the telecom business is starting out in Europe. James calls it reinvention. via EuroTelcoblog


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