UBoard for the Sony U now released


The cool onscreen keyboard for the Sony U that I reviewed a while ago has now been released.  UBoard is a user configurable keyboard that can be operated as an onscreen thumb board  ad the author has decided to make it available as donation ware. The nice folks at Greyhat, producers of the definitive FAQ for the Sony U series computers, have graciously agreed to host the UBoard program with the author’s permission.  If you don’t have it yet then go get it, just go to the FAQ and search on UBoard.



I’m thinking that a UBoard would be awesome running on the bottom of a large format slate when in landscape mode. Two issues would be whether there are any slates that are touch sensative and whether it would run as written on anything other than these Sony U’s.


I tried it on U70P without TabletPC. Installation gone well but when
running I get an error : application can’t initialise correctly
(0CX0000035 error)
Any runtime needed (FrameWork ?)

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