How to get Tablet PCs into schools


Steve Richards was a man on a mission– his daughter has a medical condition that makes her hands cold, stiff and generally makes it hard for her to haul her books around the school.  Steve knew that a Tablet PC with scanned textbooks would make it much easier for his daughter to carry everything she needs so he went to the school and demonstrated how the Tablet PC provided the solution his daughter needed.

… a few weeks ago I demonstrated my Tablet to the school teachers and her assessors.  As a result they have agreed that they will try and get her a grant for a Tablet ready for high school which is great news.  In addition they will get her a book scanner.  Although scanned books are not perfect, nor many eBooks, as I mention here, they are often better than paper.

In preparation she is taking her Tablet into school 3 days a week to get used to the logistics and the envious kids and how to deal with them.  Since she got the Tablet I noticed that she has started using the computer at home a lot more as well.  I often find her sitting in bed browsing the web, writing her journal etc.

Kudos to Steve for not giving up and taking it upon himself to show the educators what his daughter needs to make it through the day.  This is another example of unexpected benefits can be gained by putting Tablets in schools.



Tracy, I am in Houston which is not too far from your school. We need to organize some sort of demo to show off the benefits Tablets bring to students.


I have not seen one tablet this semester (that wasn’t mine), which is sad, since my campus is the second largest in the nation, I think. I know they’re there, but I haven’t seen them.

Agilix has been working with my school to set up BlackBoard with GoBinder, so in that case I can get a first hand look at the utility, but I’m pretty sure I could get a pretty in depth review out for y’all before then, too ^_^. Give me two weeks!

Trevor Claiborne

I don’t use GoBinder, but I’ll see if Tracy can get a review up of the Mobilizer.

I am seeing more tablets around Berkeley. The shift is coming.


Student Tablet PC is an excellent resource and I look forward to being able to make meaningful contributions and having students at my school do the same. I’m really after a place for educators and technical administrators… It would be nice to see a review of the BlackBoard Mobilizer part of Agilix GoBinder for example… I may have to start my own site after our program is started if no one else yet has beat me to it.

The Vermont Slate ( is another useful site, but still not quite right. Certainly forums are key!


Mike, an excellent resource for students using Tablet information is The Student Tablet PC blog and forums. It is run by students for students and has a ton of useful information that fits what you are trying to do. There are a number of medical students who post frequently in the forums, too.


I’ve posted here a couple times, mainly because one of my primary work responsibilities at this point is to evaluate the usefulness of tablet pcs for medical students. At this point, the school plans to require incoming students in 2006 to purchase a specific tablet that we will decide on. We are evaluating the HP TC1100 and the Toshiba M205. Obviously this is a little tricky since I cannot fortell what products will be available in the Fall of 2006.

Anyhow, the push is happening and other schools are doing the same. I think the marketplace is getting ready to have someone out there create an comprehensive online resource for schools using tablets. There are a lot of questions about notetaking applications, textbook ereaders and the like that could stand to be funneled into a single point… I’m not sure that resource exists yet.


Excellent stuff. I work in this field and it’s great see someone like this young lady and other youngsters taking advantage of the technology.

My AT department is investigating using Tablets to assist a few of our students. Glad to see we aren’t alone in that effort.

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