Google Web Accelerator Dumbness…. take three


Information Week quotes Gartner analyst Allen Weiner, “Google’s Web Accelerator will help speed searches via dial-up, but it is unnecessary for broadband users. Web accelerators were hot topics years ago, when many users were surfing the Web via dial-up connections. Today, with the popularity of broadband, an increasing number of users will not find a Web accelerator compelling,’ Weiner continued.” My sentiments exactly. Furthermore, since the mighty Google doesn’t like to admit that it messed up, they say, they have suspended distribution of the web accelerator software? via BroadbandReports



It’s not a question of bandwidth. It’s latency and GWA can speed that up in many situations, including broadband.

Thomas Hawk


Why is it that if an accelerator doesn’t matter on a broadband connection that I saved an hour last week using the Google Accelerator on a broadband line? This seems kind of meaningful to me in terms of personal productivity. Both at work and at home I have consistently saved time.

I have not seen anyone yet challenge the “time saved” concept of the accelerator. This “time savedâ€? feature seems to be a smart marketing move on the part of Google to prove to people that they are in fact saving time even on a broadband connection.

Granted, I’m a bit obsessive about surfing the net (in order to save an hour I viewed over 3,000 pages), but for someone like me who is a heavy internet user, the Accelerator seems to make sense.

What are your thoughts on this time saved?

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