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Battle for MCI: MCI Investors plotting a coup

In the words of great Yogi Berra (Happy 80th Yogi), it ain’t over till its over. Looks like MCI shareholders owning at least 20 percent of the company plan to withhold votes for directors at next week’s annual meeting to protest the board’s decision to accept a lower takeover bid from Verizon versus a richer offer from Qwest. via Bloomberg

2 Responses to “Battle for MCI: MCI Investors plotting a coup”

  1. I am not sure what is the case here, but i have a feeling that this one is going to be around for quite a bit. i think these people are going to create more problems than mci think they will

  2. Jesse Kopelman

    A real coup would be if these investors just sold out to Qwest so that it could take over . . . Sadly I guess there is a poison pill or some such in place to prevent this.