First impressions – HP tc1100 Tablet PC





Didn’t he sell his U750 to actually get this tablet?

Great to see that you like the TPC James ;). Maybe you can convince me someday to swap my U for a TPC aswell (although you really would have to come with some good points!).


when you do the review it would be great to see a photo comparing it in size to the Sony U750. thx


Mike, Testing for students?… Very cool.

I’ve been pushing some tablet stuff in my district. I have my supervisor and a few others converted and loving the Tablet OS. I’d love to see a classroom full of students plugging away with TC1100s. :-)


The Bluetooth software isn’t installed by default, but it is in the HP software folder on the hard drive. It’s a sweet machine though. Mine only has 512mb of RAM as I’m testing a configuration for students. 1gb sounds very nice.


The hinge and keyboard are pretty nifty. Not only is it a neat piece of engineering, somewhere in the hardware/software for it there is a mechanism that switchs the screen rotation when you switch from slate to laptop mode and vice versa, probably a common tablet thing but it always make a nice wow feature when I show it to someone.


Dave, yes the keyboard is extremely light and apparently the slate itself is right on my limit of longterm comfort as I find it a tad heavy with keyboard attached for very long. Sorry about your CPU and hope you get it back soon.

Dave Ciccone

James interesting enought take the keyboard off and feel how light the actual keyboard is! The keyboard weighs probably a few ounces. My 1100 is up at HP for CPU repair so hopefully you dont run into the same issue.

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