What’s your Preople rank


Forget Google PageRank, its time to get your Preople rank. Did you know that Harry Potter is more popular than President Bush. Nicole Kidman truly kicks Tom Cruise’s ass. Or that on the internet, Jesus Christ is marginally ahead of Bill Gates



Hello everybody. I’m the founder of Preople.com and I’m always pleased to hear that People like Preople. I can’t tell you are secret formula as you might have expected! I do hope that my own rating goes up (1200+ at this moment) as a result of these posts. If you have any questions about Preople don’t hesitate, email me: boris@preople.com

Om Malik


what can i say. maybe i might have higher rank, but then if you look at the top ranked people with the exception of the good lord, the intelligence and rank are in inverse proportion.

Jesse Kopelman

While I’m not suprised your Preople ranking is 1000X mine, I am shamed it is a thousand times mine and we are both completely in the green . . .

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