Vonage To Cable: I’m Not Scared


Anyone remember a group called Eighth Wonder, featuring Patsy Kensit, who was also Mel Gibson’s South African love interest in Lethal Weapon, back in the day when Mel didn’t go all religious on us. Well, that band was really a one hit wonder – its biggest hit being I’m not scared. Well, that pretty much sums up Vonage’s view of the cable operators. 1000 new users a day for Cablevision, I’m not scared. Comcast going for 400,000 subscribers, I’m not scared. Vonage Chief Financial Officer John Rego says the company is adding 15,000 new subscribers a week, twice as many as cable operators. That’s 5000 more than the weekly run rate Vonage had in early March. At the time company boasted about 500,000 subscribers. Now it says it has about 650,000. (Check out the lyrics, by the way!)


rob young

well, eight wonder may indeed have been a one-hit wonder, certainly not ms. kensit, who went on to marry one of the Oasis brothers (Liam? Noel? I can never tell…), and makes regular appearances in a number of UK TV soaps…it helps that she’s a great looking gal :-)

Brian Gillet

Note to Vonage, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Without the cable operators out pushing cable broadband Vonage would not be signing up 15K subs a day. Plus, down the road since the cable operators own the broadband pipe going into the home, they could easily shut down a service like Vonage in order to offer their customers IP telephony. That is a mess I would not want to touch.

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