The Continuing Saga of MXS

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You may remember from a while back the emergence of a piece of software called CherryOS, from a company called Maui X-Stream, which claimed to provide PowerPC emulation on x86 machines at decent speed, so that all the Windows-using wannabes can use Mac OS X without having to sacrifice their pride and buy an actual Mac. The software was roundly dismissed as being a poor rebadging of PearPC, which emerged some time before – it certainly doesn’t take any great intellect to connect the dots, but for those requiring substantiation, a decent archive can be found here.

It is from the same site that comes this latest (20,000-word-strong) exposé – “Deconstructing Maui X-Stream”, which tells a tale of shady business practices, a rather murky company history and a plethora of suspicious characters, making it quite plain just what a con the whole operation is. As well as CherryOS, whose primary target market would be required to obtain a copy of Mac OS X, which would likely be done illegally, the company also sells video streaming software at corporate prices, which too has taken liberal “inspiration” from open source software.

It’s certainly thorough, and one of the better pieces of online investigative journalism – well worth a read, especially if you’ve been wondering what had become of CherryOS.

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Jason Terhorst

It’s pretty crazy. The post is rediculuously long, and he even puts links to the various sections. What makes the drama rise is the fact that they’re throwing their lawyers at him. He bites back with the evidence. Part of me wishes Judge Judy would take a look at this.

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