Moto iTunes screenshots are real


Mobile Music Blog, actually had the real photos. It just took a long time to get confirmation. Apparently, the software will be released within weeks, possibly by July!



if this is the phone then its hardly worth the wait. it looks horrible! i mean seriously apple stands for design…. this thing looks like any other phone you would find on the street. so it supports music….. but give the industry another 12 months and all phones will support music.

surely these 2 companies in the year thay have been working on this could come up with something a little better??

i’ll keep my ipod for now thanks.


The first carrier whom offers the iTunes phone will get all my mobile business. One major has hinted that they will carry the phone in the US and that carrier stands to gain a lot of new subs.

Om Malik


I am hoping that T-Mobile will come to its senses. of course you could buy the unlocked phone from Apple store? And pop in your SIM card. I think it is not DoA – because of the apple faithful.


Yeah but….which network provider is going to support this phone? Let me see….er, none I think. Unless allowing the customer to load music onto their phone via their PC rather than over-the-air seems like a good idea to the provider…which lets be frank isnt going to fly with ANY network provider, or any that thinks they might want to do their own music service, which at last count was, I think, all of them. This product is DOA. YMMV.

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